Invest in Honduras

Invest in Honduras

The Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports (FIDE) is a private, non-profit institution that works in collaboration with the Government and other private entities to improve the business climate in Honduras and promote foreign direct investment.

Our Services

FIDE is your one-stop shop for everything related to Honduran investment and exports. We provide, free of charge, all the information and guidance that international investors need to identify the most attractive business opportunities and to establish their companies in the country.

Our services include:

  • Researching and pinpointing the best business opportunities in Honduras.
  • Giving investment presentations in company headquarters.
  • Preparing detailed itineraries and coordinating visits to places of interest in Honduras.
  • Scheduling meetings with Government, banking, and international organization representatives.
  • Developing contacts with local suppliers, subcontractors and partners in order to establish joint venture projects.
  • Setting up interviews with lawyers, consultants and support services.
  • Developing a wide range of statistical information, including economic indicators information for determining operating costs, legal requirements and any other statistical information.
  • Identifying land or buildings for rent or purchase. Providing any support and monitoring assistance that the investors might need to successfully establish their operations in Honduras.
  • Providing assistance for any arrangements required to reside in the country (Immigration services, residency, education, etc.).
  • Providing follow-up or Aftercare services to established companies.
  • A World of Opportunities
  • Six Reasons for Investing in Honduras
  • Quality of Life
  • Honduras in Figures.


Investment Climate

  • Pro-Investment Environment
  • Legal and Tax Incentives
  • Free Zones
  • Direct Access to Key Markets
  • Administrative Simplification


Strategic Sectors

  • Light Manufacturing
  • Textile and Apparel Industry
  • Agribusiness and Forestry
  • Tourism
  • Business Services
  • Renewable Energy

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Invest in Honduras


For more information about the services FIDE offers investors, please contact the Investment Promotion Division at